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Question 1:
How do you write Pleural cavity in latin?
fissura rhinalis
cavitas pleuralis
Archidioecesis Ibaguensis
corpusculum renis

Question 2: In ________, the pleural cavity is the body cavity that surrounds the lungs.
Human anatomyPenisOrgan (anatomy)Rectum

Question 3: ________ of the pleural fluid also leads to close apposition of the lung surfaces with the chest wall.
ViscosityFluid staticsFluid dynamicsSurface tension

Question 4: Most fluid is produced by the parietal circulation (intercostal arteries) via bulk flow and reabsorbed by the ________.
Lymphatic systemCirculatory systemSpleenImmune system

Question 5: In spite of the lack of knowledge of the cause of the effusion, treatment may be required to relieve the most common symptom, ________, as this can be quite disabling.
HemoptysisPleurisyShortness of breathCough

Question 6: Therefore, in cases of ________, the other lung will still function normally unless there is a tension pneumothorax or simultaneous bilateral pneumothorax, which may collapse the contralateral parenchyma, blood vessels and bronchi.
Pleural diseaseRespiratory diseasePneumomediastinumPneumothorax

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