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Question 1: The ________ were covered in the south by the Patagonian ice cap.
AndesGran ChacoGeographyPhysical geography

Question 2: Scattered domes stretched across ________ and the Arctic shelf.
SiberiaNorth AsiaUral MountainsRussia

Question 3: It also corresponds with the end of the ________ age used in archaeology.
Paleolithic religionStone AgeMiddle PaleolithicPaleolithic

Question 4: Pleistocene climate was marked by repeated glacial cycles where ________ pushed to the 40th parallel in some places.
Current sea level riseGlacierIce sheetLittle Ice Age

Question 5: The Pleistocene Epoch follows the Pliocene Epoch and is followed by the ________ Epoch.
10th millennium BCHoloceneQuaternaryLate Pleistocene

Question 6: Lake Bonneville, for example, stood where ________ now does.
Great Salt LakePyramid Lake (Nevada)Dead SeaSalton Sea

Question 7: Glaciers existed in the mountains of Ethiopia and to the west in the ________.
PyreneesAppalachian MountainsAtlas MountainsAlps

Question 8: Above this point there are notable extinctions of the calcareous ________: Discoaster pentaradiatus and Discoaster surculus.
GeologyGeologic time scalePaleontologyFossil

Question 9: ________ was ice-bound throughout the Pleistocene as well as the preceding Pliocene.
Atacama DesertDesertAntarcticaKalahari Desert

Question 10: The current decaying glaciers of ________, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Ruwenzori Range in east and central Africa were larger.
K2Mount LoganMount KenyaOjos del Salado


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