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Pleiades (star cluster): Quiz


Question 1: In normal main sequence stars, ________ is rapidly destroyed in nuclear fusion reactions, but brown dwarfs can retain their lithium.

Question 2: [5] When studies were first made of the stars' ________, it was found that they are all moving in the same direction across the sky, at the same rate, further demonstrating that they were related.
Binary starProper motionApparent magnitudeSupernova

Question 3:
Which of the following names does Pleiades (star cluster) go by?
Val Venis
M45, Seven Sisters
The Canadian Combatant
Super Duper Mario

Question 4:
What type is thing is Pleiades (star cluster)?

Question 5: The cluster core radius is about 8 ________ and tidal radius is about 43 light years.
ParsecLight-yearCosmic distance ladderAstronomical unit

Question 6: Some Greek astronomers considered them to be a distinct constellation, and they are mentioned by ________, and in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.

Question 7: In particular, models including a phenomenon known as convective overshoot, in which a ________ zone within a star penetrates an otherwise non-convective zone, result in higher apparent ages.

Question 8: Some scholars of ________ suggested that the Pleiades (Al thuraiya) are the Star in Najm which is mentioned in the Quran.
Islamic schools and branchesIslamMosqueMuslim history

Question 9: Instead, it seems that the cluster is simply passing through a particularly dusty region of the ________.
Interstellar mediumSunStarX-ray astronomy

Question 10: Results prior to the launch of the ________ satellite generally found that the Pleiades were about 135 parsecs away from Earth.
Hubble Space TelescopeKepler MissionHipparcosJames Webb Space Telescope


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