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Plectrum: Quiz


Question 1: For ________ and similar instruments, the plectrum is a separate tool held in the player's hand.
GuitarClassical guitarElectric guitarBass guitar

Question 2: A plectrum for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ________ and mandolins is typically a narrow, isosceles triangle made of plastic with rounded corners; the most acute angle is the one used to pluck the string.
Lead guitarBass guitarJazz guitarSteel-string acoustic guitar

Question 3: In a ________, there is a separate plectrum for each string.
VirginalsHarpsichordConcertoBaroque music

Question 4: For other instruments in the modern day most players use plastic plectra but a variety of other materials, including wood and ________ (for use with the ukulele) are common.
WeavingFeltTextile printingTextile

Question 5: In Italy, some makers (including ________) used vulture quills.
Oval spinetSpinettoneBartolomeo CristoforiPiano

Question 6: Other Italian harpsichords employed plectra of ________.
LeatherButtonLeather skirtWool

Question 7: A plectrum (or pick) is a small flat tool used to pluck or strum a ________.
String instrumentViolinGuqinMusical instrument

Question 8: In ________ and other keyboard instruments, the plectra are attached to the harpsichord's jack mechanism.
Baroque musicVirginalsHarpsichordConcerto

Question 9: Thin items such as small coins, bread clippers or broken ________'s and credit cards can be used as substitute plectra.
Universal Media DiscDigital Audio TapeMiniDiscCompact Disc

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