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Question 1: Despite these inequalities, plebeians still belonged to gentes, served in the army, and could become military ________.
Roman RepublicAncient RomeTribuneCursus honorum

Question 2: The nineteenth century historian ________ held that plebeians began to appear at Rome during the reign of Ancus Marcius, possibly foreigners settling in Rome as naturalized citizens.
Barthold Georg NiebuhrItalyDenmarkFrench Revolution

Question 3: Even so, the "________" over the political status of the plebeians went on for the first two centuries of the Republic, ending with the formal equality of plebeians and patricians in 287 BC.
Conflict of the OrdersHistory of the Roman ConstitutionLegislative Assemblies of the Roman RepublicHistory of the Constitution of the Roman Republic

Question 4: Plebes may refer to freshmen at the U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, Valley Forge Military Academy, the ________, the U.S.

Question 5: Merchant Marine Academy, Carleton College, Georgia Military College and the ________.
California State University, Long BeachCalifornia Maritime AcademyCalifornia State University, East BayCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Question 6: Later on, after a general strike by the plebeians, the law of the ________ was promulgated, and Tabula XI explicitly forbade intermarriage (which was eventually reversed by the Lex Canuleia).
Roman lawRoman RepublicAncient RomeTwelve Tables

Question 7: In any case, at the outset of the ________, plebeians were excluded from magistracies and religious colleges.
Roman EmpireClassical antiquityRoman RepublicAncient Rome

Question 8: The plebs were the general body of Roman citizens (as distinguished from slaves) in ________.
Ancient RomeClassical antiquityRoman RepublicRoman Empire

Question 9: In Latin the word plebs is a singular ________, and its genitive is plebis.
ClusivityPreposition and postpositionCollective nounAuxiliary verb


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