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Playing the violin: Quiz


Question 1: It is also done to produce a particular ________: the same note will sound substantially different depending on what string is used to play it.
Chest voiceColoraturaOperaTimbre

Question 2: ________ is a technique of the left hand and arm in which the pitch of a note varies in a pulsating rhythm.

Question 3: The eerie quality of a violin section playing col legno is exploited in some symphonic pieces, notably the "witches' dance" of the last movement of Berlioz' ________.
Requiem (Berlioz)Te Deum (Berlioz)Harold en ItalieSymphonie fantastique

Question 4: Playing an open string simultaneously with a stopped note on an adjacent string produces a ________-like drone, often used by composers in imitation of folk music.
BagpipesUilleann pipesPipe bandGreat Highland Bagpipe

Question 5: The middle and ring fingers are usually wrapped around the frog, although in some cases (such as in ________ performance practice) the whole hand holds the stick above the frog.
Western art historyMannerismRenaissanceBaroque

Question 6: That said, a quote widely attributed to ________ goes something like: "I play as many wrong notes as anyone, but I fix them before most people can hear them."
Fritz KreislerMalcolm SargentArturo ToscaniniJascha Heifetz

Question 7: This puts the open strings in ________, which means the lower strings may sound flat compared to their nominal equal-tempered equivalents.
Just intonationPythagorean tuningConsonance and dissonanceMusical temperament

Question 8: Lightly touching the string with a fingertip at a harmonic node while bowing close to the bridge can create ________.
Perfect fourthUnisonHarmonicOctave

Question 9: Keeping the left wrist straight (or very nearly so) allows freedom of finger motion, and reduces the chance of ________.
De Quervain syndromeTendinitisRepetitive strain injuryTennis elbow

Question 10: When playing with a fixed-pitch instrument such as a piano or ________, the violinist must tune to accommodate that instrument.
Bayan (accordion)ConcertinaAccordionAccordion music genres


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