Player character: Quiz

Question 1: ________
Live action role-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)Character creationCampaign setting

Question 2: ________
Character creationRole-playing game (pen and paper)Live action role-playing gameCampaign setting

Question 3: Games such as ________ typically have a larger amount of player characters to choose from, with some basic moves available to all or most characters and some unique moves only available to one or a few characters.
Light gun shooterPlatform gameBeat 'em upFighting game

Question 4: A player character or playable character (PC) is a character in a video game or ________ who is controlled or controllable by a player, and is typically a protagonist of the story told in the course of the game.
Role-playing gameRole-playing game termsRole-playing game (pen and paper)Live action role-playing game

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