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Play from scrimmage: Quiz


Question 1: For instance, the ________ may be faced with one or two downs left in a possession and still ten or more yards to go to earn a new set of downs.
American football positionsQuarterbackCenter (American football)Punter (football)

Question 2: Well in advance of the particular game, a number of different kinds of ________ plays will have been planned out and practiced by the team.
Punt (football)Forward passDrop kickField goal (football)

Question 3: The team's coach, or perhaps the quarterback, will choose one of the pre-planned ________ strategies, and tell the team, during the huddle which one has been chosen.
Punt (football)Drop kickField goal (football)Forward pass

Question 4: Conversely, the ________ will know that the offense has to cover a good deal of ground in a single play, will expect a forward pass, and will know from earlier study something of the propensities of the offense they face.
American football positionsPunter (football)QuarterbackCenter (American football)

Question 5: Change of possession during a routine play may occur by interception or by ________.
FumbleFair catch kickField goal (football)Uniform number (American football)

Question 6: A play from scrimmage is the activity of the games of Canadian football and ________ during which one team tries to advance the ball or to score, and the other team tries to stop them or take the ball away.
American footballArena footballTouch football (American)Gridiron football

Question 7: In this instance, they may decide to employ a ________.
Punt (football)Field goal (football)Drop kickForward pass


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