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Question 1: Flagship magazine was founded by Chris Harvey and ________ (now an MP) of the UK.
Nick PalmerMargaret BeckettUnited KingdomTony Blair

Question 2: Such adjudications were often published in postal game ________, some of which contained far more than just games.
Punk subcultureAmateur press associationZineFanzine

Question 3: One example, ________, has been played by mail for centuries (when played in this way, it is known as correspondence chess).
Bobby FischerChessAlexander AlekhineWorld Chess Championship

Question 4: ________ (first non-public-domain game known to be played by mail; first game to generate a broad hobby of postal gaming zines)
EuropeDiplomacy (game)Ottoman EmpireRome

Question 5: The first such game offered via email through a major online service was Quantum Space from Stormfront Studios, which debuted on ________ in 1989.
AOLNetscapeUnited StatesJapan

Question 6: Another variation on the name is ________ (PBI) or play-by-web (PBW).
Online text-based role-playing gameGamemasterPlay-by-post role-playing gameRole-playing game

Question 7: In the case of a multi-player game such as Diplomacy, a central ________ would run the game, receiving the moves and publishing adjudications.
GamemasterDungeons & DragonsRole-playing gameCampaign setting

Question 8: Some ________ can be played in a play by mail mode: one makes one's "move", mails a file to the opponent who uses it to make his or her "move" in response, and he or she then mails something back.
Video gamePersonal computer gameAudio gameVideo game genres

Question 9: Several non-commercial email games played on the ________ and BITNET predate these.
World Wide WebInternetE-mailInternet Relay Chat

Question 10: In the case of a two player game such as ________, players would simply send their moves to each other alternately.
Alexander AlekhineBobby FischerChessWorld Chess Championship

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