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Question 1: However, this so-called "________" hypothesis was unsatisfactory because its supporters could offer no convincing mechanism to produce a significant expansion of the Earth.
Plate tectonicsContinentExpanding EarthGeology

Question 2: Magnetic stripe patterns provide a reliable guide to relative plate motions going back into the ________ period.
JurassicCretaceousGeologic time scaleDinosaur

Question 3: The appearance of plate tectonics on ________ is related to planetary mass, with more massive planets than Earth expected to exhibit plate tectonics.
Solar SystemTerrestrial planetGas giantExtrasolar planet

Question 4: The eight continents later re-assembled into another supercontinent called Pangaea; Pangaea broke up into Laurasia (which became North America and Eurasia) and ________ (which became the remaining continents).

Question 5: Observations made of the magnetic field of Mars by the ________ spacecraft in 1999 showed patterns of magnetic striping discovered on this planet.
Mariner 4Mars Global SurveyorPhoenix (spacecraft)Mars Express

Question 6: For instance, some parts of Scotland and ________ contain rocks very similar to those found in Newfoundland and New Brunswick.
Irish peopleNorthern IrelandIrelandWales

Question 7: [29] In particular, it explains the Gondwanan distribution of ________ and the Antarctic flora.

Question 8: Plate tectonic theory arose out of the hypothesis of continental drift proposed by ________ in 1912[6] and expanded in his 1915 book The Origin of Continents and Oceans.
MeteorologyGeologyAlfred WegenerPlate tectonics

Question 9: Many millions of years later, the oceanic crust eventually descends into the ________ — very deep, narrow canyons along the rim of the Pacific Ocean basin.
Volcanic arcMarginal seaOceanic trenchPhysical oceanography

Question 10: The ________ in California is an example of a transform boundary exhibiting dextral motion.
San Andreas FaultSan Francisco Bay AreaSan FranciscoOakland, California

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