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  • the shrub Stirlingia latifolia is commonly known as "Blueboy" because wall plaster turns blue if made using sand taken from where the plant occurs?

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Question 1: The burns were so severe that she subsequently had both thumbs and six of her fingers ________.
ICD-9-CM Volume 3United StatesSurgeryAmputation

Question 2: Nowadays, plasterers are just as likely to use expanded ________, although the job title remains unchanged.
PlasticPolyvinyl chloridePolystyrenePolycarbonate

Question 3: In unionized construction sites in ________, plaster is installed by contractors signatory to the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association (OPCMIA), which represents unionized plasterers.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)Americas

Question 4: Inhaled silica can cause silicosis and (in very rare cases) can encourage the development of ________.

Question 5: These usually use ________ as lightweight aggregate.

Question 6: ________
Cast Courts (Victoria and Albert Museum)David (Michelangelo)FlorenceDavid (Donatello)

Question 7: Asbestos is a known carcinogen when inhaled in powder form, especially in people who smoke, and inhalation can also cause ________.
SilicosisChronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAsthmaAsbestosis

Question 8: Water is then added to produce ________ (calcium hydroxide), which is sold as a white powder.
Calcium oxideCalcium chlorideCalcium carbonateCalcium hydroxide

Question 9: Plasters have been in use in passive fire protection, as ________ products, for many decades.
FirestopCircuit integrityFireproofingFire-resistance rating

Question 10: Various cement-based plasters are also used as proprietary spray ________ products.
FireproofingPassive fire protectionFirestopFire-resistance rating

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