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Question 1: Plasmin, like trypsin, belongs to the family of ________.
ReelinFactor XICathepsin GSerine protease

Question 2: Deficiency in plasmin may lead to ________, as clots are not degraded adequately.
ThrombosisLymphedemaCerebral venous sinus thrombosisDeep vein thrombosis

Question 3: Plasmin is inactivated by ________, a serine protease inhibitor (serpin).
AntithrombinAlpha 2-antiplasminPlasminogen activator inhibitor-2Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1

Question 4: Plasmin is a serine protease that is released as plasminogen from the liver into the circulation and activated by tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA), and ________ (Hageman factor).
KallikreinThrombinFactor XIIFactor IX

Question 5: It cleaves ________, fibronectin, thrombospondin, laminin, and von Willebrand factor.

Question 6: In humans, the plasmin protein is encoded by the PLG ________.

Question 7: The main function of plasmin is to dissolve ________ blood clots.
Protein CAntithrombinCoagulationFibrin

Question 8: Plasminogen (PLG) is a circulating zymogen that is converted to the active enzyme plasmin by cleavage of the peptide bond between Arg-560 and Val-561, which is mediated by urokinase and ________.
AncrodFibrinolysisStreptokinaseTissue plasminogen activator

Question 9: Plasmin is an important enzyme (EC present in ________ that degrades many blood plasma proteins, most notably, fibrin clots.
PlateletHematologyRed blood cellBlood

Question 10: This article incorporates text from the United States National Library of Medicine, which is in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyright infringementPublic domainCopyright


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