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Plantation of Ulster: Quiz


Question 1: The "British tenants",[3] a term applied to the colonists,[4] were mostly from Scotland and ________.
EnglandUnited KingdomBritish peopleWales

Question 2: These planters are often referred to as ________.
Scottish peopleUlster Scots peopleIrish peopleIreland

Question 3: In addition to fighting the Ulster Irish, the British settlers fought each other in 1648-49 over the issues of the ________.
English ReformationEnglandEnglish Civil WarEnglish people

Question 4: This was of particular concern to ________ when he became King of England, since he knew Scottish instability could jeopardise his chances of ruling both kingdoms effectively.
James I of EnglandJames II of EnglandCharles II of EnglandCharles I of England

Question 5: Many British Protestant settlers went to Virginia or ________ in the America rather than to Ulster.
Southern United StatesNortheastern United StatesNew EnglandMidwestern United States

Question 6: The Plantation of Ulster (Irish: Plandáil Uladh) was the organised colonisation (or plantation) of Ulster—a province of Ireland—by people from ________.
ScotlandGreat BritainEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: As a result, the descendants of the Presbyterian planters played a major part in the ________ against British rule.
IrelandHistory of IrelandRepublic of IrelandIrish Rebellion of 1798

Question 8: Based in ________, the Scottish army fought against the rebels until 1650.
Bangor, County DownBallymenaHolywoodCarrickfergus

Question 9: Prior to its conquest in the Nine Years War of the 1590s, ________ had been the most Gaelic part of Ireland, a province existing largely outside English control.
UlsterCounty DonegalNorthern IrelandGalway

Question 10: In the 1630s, Presbyterians in Scotland staged a rebellion against Charles I for trying to impose ________.
Ecumenical councilAnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)Catholicism

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