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Question 1: Vascular plants first appeared during the Silurian period, and by the ________ had diversified and spread into many different land environments.
CarboniferousGeologic time scaleLate Devonian extinctionDevonian

Question 2: Some climbing species, such as ________, which do not need to produce thick supportive tissue, may grow up to 12.5 mm/h.

Question 3: In Linnaeus' system, these became the Kingdoms Vegetabilia (later Metaphyta or Plantae) and ________ (also called Metazoa).

Question 4: Plant roots play an essential role in ________ development and prevention of soil erosion.
SoilLandslideWater wellClay

Question 5: Since then, it has become clear that the Plantae as originally defined included several unrelated groups, and the fungi and several groups of ________ were removed to new kingdoms.
AlgaeCell wallWild fisheriesPhotosynthesis

Question 6: In exchange, the ants defend the plant from ________ and sometimes competing plants.

Question 7: Plant agriculture is subdivided into agronomy, horticulture and ________.

Question 8: The same is true of two additional groups of algae: the ________ (red algae) and Glaucophyta.
GlaucophytePlantArchaeplastidaRed algae

Question 9: Most ________ are no longer classified within the Kingdom Plantae.
Cell wallPhotosynthesisAlgaeWild fisheries

Question 10: Plant fossils include roots, wood, leaves, seeds, fruit, pollen, spores, phytoliths, and ________ (the fossilized resin produced by some plants).

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