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Question 1: Typically, due to ________ drag, there is a wind gradient in the wind flow just a few hundred meters above the earth's surface—the surface layer of the planetary boundary layer.
Navier–Stokes equationsAerodynamicsFluid dynamicsBernoulli's principle

Question 2: The planetary boundary layer (PBL), also known as the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), is the lowest part of the ________ and its behavior is directly influenced by its contact with a planetary surface.
AtmosphereGanymede (moon)NeptuneExtraterrestrial atmospheres

Question 3: ________ in the boundary layer influence trade winds, the hydrological cycle, and energy exchange.
FogCloud condensation nucleiPrecipitation (meteorology)Cloud

Question 4: [3] This turbulence causes vertical mixing between the air moving horizontally at one level and the air at those levels immediately above and below it, which is important in dispersion of ________[4] and in soil erosion.
Air pollutionPollutionMarine pollutionWater pollution

Question 5: Perhaps the most important processes, which are critically dependent on the correct representation of the PBL in the atmospheric models (Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project), are turbulent transport of moisture (evapotranspiration) and pollutants (________).
Air pollutionParticulateSmogRoadway air dispersion modeling

Question 6: In this layer physical quantities such as flow velocity, temperature, moisture etc., display rapid fluctuations (________) and vertical mixing is strong.
Fluid dynamicsTurbulenceReynolds numberDrag (physics)

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