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Question 1: Two weeks previously, one of the two 1980 ________ double-decker buses bought for filming had been substantially damaged when a crane accidentally dropped a container in Dubai City Port.
National Bus Company (UK)Bristol VRLeyland AtlanteanLeyland Olympian

Question 2:
Who wrote Planet of the Dead?
Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts
Cain, Perry, Schon, Smith

Question 3:
When was the Planet of the Dead?
December 2009
February 2009

Question 4: Christina is a typical Doctor Who companion, Davies electing to draw parallels from the Time Lady ________ rather than new series companion Rose Tyler.
Companion (Doctor Who)Fourth DoctorRomanaK-9 (Doctor Who)

Question 5:
Who was an executive producer of Planet of the Dead?
Eric Laneuville
Martin Ransohoff
Russell T Davies
Christopher Martin

Question 6:
What type is thing is Planet of the Dead?

Question 7:
Who of the following was a direct of Planet of the Dead?

Question 8: As a final act of kindness, the Doctor uses his ________ to release Christina from her handcuffs, allowing her to escape.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyTARDISSonic screwdriver

Question 9: The pair part on good terms as she flies away in the bus and the Doctor enters his ________ and dematerialises.
TARDISDoctor Who story chronologyDoctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)

Question 10: [24] Including repeats in the following week and viewings on the ________, 13.89 million viewers watched the episode in total.
JoostGames for Windows – LiveBBC iPlayerSteam (content delivery)


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