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Question 1: The idea is that a point P with position vector r is in the plane ________ the vector drawn from P0 to P is perpendicular to n.
If and only ifLogical connectivePropositional calculusFirst-order logic

Question 2: A plane is the two dimensional analogue of a point (zero-dimensions), a line (one-dimension) and a ________ (three-dimensions).

Question 3: In the opposite direction of abstraction, we may apply a compatible field structure to the geometric plane, giving rise to the complex plane and the major area of ________.
Function (mathematics)Complex numberComplex analysisExponential function

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Plane (geometry) have?
Plane Nine from Nantucket
To Another Plane
Battle of the X-Planes

Question 5: For the ________ such diffeomorphism is conformal, but for the Euclidean plane it is not.
Hyperbolic geometryAlhazenNon-Euclidean geometryBeltrami–Klein model

Question 6: In this way the Euclidean plane is not quite the same as the ________.
Parabolic coordinatesCartesian coordinate systemCylindrical coordinate systemSpherical coordinate system

Question 7: ________ set forth the first known axiomatic treatment of geometry[citation needed].

Question 8: Planes can arise as subspaces of some higher dimensional space, as with the walls of a room, or they may enjoy an independent existence in their own right, as in the setting of ________.
AxiomEuclidean geometryEuclid's ElementsAlfred Tarski

Question 9: A suitable normal vector is given by the ________
Vector spaceCross productBivectorEuclidean vector

Question 10: The plane may also be viewed as an ________, whose isomorphisms are combinations of translations and non-singular linear maps.
Vector spaceAffine combinationAffine spaceMathematics


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