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Question 1: Nonetheless, enough data have already been accumulated to narrow the field of workable inflationary universe theories, and to eliminate some theorized extensions to the ________.
QuarkPhotonParticle physicsStandard Model

Question 2: This is the most extreme example possible of the uncertainty principle, and explains why only a quantum gravity theory reconciling ________ with quantum mechanics will allow us to understand the dynamics of space-time at this scale.
Black holeGeneral relativityGravitationIntroduction to general relativity

Question 3: The Elegant Universe[1] by ________ discusses briefly the strange world of the sub-Planck and how it "creates" the quantum universe by its averages.
Theoretical physicsBrian GreeneString theoryPhysics

Question 4: For energies approaching the Planck scale, an exact theory of quantum gravity is required, and the current leading candidate is string theory, or its modernized form ________.
Superstring theoryM-theoryD-braneIntroduction to M-theory

Question 5: The wavelength of a photon (and therefore its size) decreases as its ________ or energy increases.
OpticsFrequencyElectromagnetic radiationSound

Question 6: At this scale, the concepts of size and distance break down, as ________ becomes virtually absolute.
Quantum indeterminacyMeasurement in quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanicsEPR paradox

Question 7: The Planck length is related to Planck energy by the ________.
Wave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanicsUncertainty principle

Question 8: Is it interpenetrated by innumerable ________ manifolds,[1] which connect our 3-dimensional universe with a higher dimensional space?
HolonomyRicci curvatureCalabi–Yau manifoldString theory

Question 9: Other approaches to this problem include ________ and Noncommutative geometry.
General relativityLoop quantum gravityCausal dynamical triangulationKaluza–Klein theory

Question 10: This makes the Planck scale a fascinating realm for speculation by ________ from various schools of thought.
Isaac NewtonAristotleTimeTheoretical physics


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