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Question 1: Nevertheless, Wilhelm Wien discovered the mathematical relationship between the peaks of the curves at different temperatures, by using the principle of ________.
Equipartition theoremAdiabatic invariantQuantum mechanicsOld quantum theory

Question 2: Nevertheless, it is impossible, as Planck found out, to explain some phenomena without accepting that energy is quantized; that is, it exists only in ________ multiples of some base value.
IntegerField (mathematics)Rational numberNatural number

Question 3: The Planck constant was first discovered as the proportionality constant between the energy (E) of a photon and the frequency of its associated ________ (ν).
Classical electromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiation

Question 4: ________ (NIST).
National Technical Information ServiceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationBureau of Industry and SecurityNational Institute of Standards and Technology

Question 5: The Planck constant (denoted h), also called Planck's constant, is a ________ used to describe the sizes of quanta in quantum mechanics.
Physical constantDimensionless physical constantNatural unitsPlanck units

Question 6: The very first ________ in 1911 was devoted to "the theory of radiation and quanta".
Paul DiracPhotonSolvay ConferenceHotel Metropole, Brussels

Question 7: These proofs are commonly known as the "ultraviolet catastrophe", a name coined by ________ in 1911.
Ludwig BoltzmannPaul EhrenfestMax PlanckAlbert Einstein

Question 8: However, α can also be determined experimentally, notably by measuring the electron spin g-factor ge, then comparing the result with the value predicted by ________.
Yang–Mills theoryQuantum electrodynamicsGauge fixingQuantum field theory

Question 9: To get a more macroscopic view, the energy of one mole of photons can be calculated by multiplying by the ________, NA ≈ 6.022 × 1023 mol−1.
Loschmidt constantPhysical constantPlanck constantAvogadro constant

Question 10: ________ introduced the first quantized model of the atom in 1913, in an attempt to overcome a major shortcoming of Rutherford's classical model.
Wilhelm WienNiels BohrJ. J. ThomsonMax Planck


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