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Question 1: The developing ________ is connected to it via an umbilical cord.
Umbilical veinPrenatal developmentEmbryologyFetus

Question 2: In the case of twins, dichorionic placentation refers to the presence of two placentas (in all ________ and some monozygotic twins).
Chimera (genetics)TwinMonoamniotic twinsMonochorionic twins

Question 3: The function of placentation is to transfers nutrients from maternal tissue to a growing ________.
Prenatal developmentEmbryogenesisFertilisationEmbryo

Question 4: During ________, placentation is the formation and growth of the placenta inside the uterus.
PregnancyPrenatal developmentReproductive medicineSexual intercourse

Question 5: In ________, placentation occurs where the ovules are attached inside the ovary.
EmbryophyteGymnospermFlowering plantFern

Question 6: Placentation is best known in pregnant female mammals (________), but also occurs in other animals, eggs (yolk sac placentation) and flowering plants.
XenarthraBatEven-toed ungulateEutheria

Question 7: The ovules inside a ________'s ovary (which later become the seeds inside a fruit) are attached via funicles, the plant equivalent of an umbilical cord.
Plant evolutionary developmental biologyFlowering plantPollinationFlower

Question 8: In placental mammals, the placenta forms after the embryo implants into the wall of the ________.
OvaryUterusReproductive systemVulva

Question 9: Abnormal placentation can lead to an early termination of pregnancy, for example in ________.
Hydatidiform moleEctopic pregnancyPre-eclampsiaGestational diabetes

Question 10:
In biology, placentation refers to the formation, type and structure, or arrangement of ________.
TesticleEndocrine systemPlacentaThyroid

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