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Place of articulation: Quiz


Question 1: ________, raising the body of the tongue toward the hard palate while producing the obstruction, as in Russian /tʲ/.
Tone (linguistics)Consonant mutationPalatalizationEpenthesis

Question 2: Along with the ________ and phonation, this gives the consonant its distinctive sound.
Manner of articulationVowelStop consonantFricative consonant

Question 3: In nasals, the velum is lowered to allow air to pass through the nose (technically a place, but generally considered as a ________)
ConsonantVowelStop consonantManner of articulation

Question 4: Some ________ have five, six, or even seven lateral consonants.
Aghul languageNortheast Caucasian languagesLezgian languageChechen language

Question 5: Epiglottal: between the aryepiglottic folds and the epiglottis (see ________)
ThyroidDigestionRespiratory systemLarynx

Question 6: ________: between the front of the tongue and the ridge behind the gums (the alveolus)
Postalveolar consonantUvular consonantAlveolar consonantPalatal consonant

Question 7: (The glottis controls ________ and sometimes the airstream, and is not considered an articulator.)
PhonationModal voiceVoicelessVoice (phonetics)

Question 8: "ll"; ________ with dental, palatal, and retroflex laterals; and numerous Native American languages with not only lateral approximants, but also lateral fricatives and affricates.
SanskritHindustani languagePunjabi languageHindi

Question 9: ________: in "true" retroflexes, the tongue curls back so the underside touches the palate
Alveolo-palatal consonantRetroflex consonantAlveolar consonantPostalveolar consonant

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