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Question 1: The queen of the Cornish pixies is said to be Joan the Wad (torch), and considered to be good ________.
Magic (paranormal)AtheismLuckFaith

Question 2: British ________ Alien Stash Tin included a short novelty song called "Bingo The Magic Pixie" as a bonus track on their 2007 debut album.
Rock musicBacking vocalistMusical ensembleProgressive rock

Question 3:

Question 4: Pixies are drawn to ________, riding them for pleasure and making tangled ringlets in the manes of those horses they ride.
DonkeyArabian horseEquus (genus)Horse

Question 5: In modern use, the term can be synonymous with ________ or sprites.
FairyDwarfElfFairy painting

Question 6: By 1869 some were suggesting that the name pixie was a racial remnant of Pictic tribes who used to ________/tattoo their skin blue, an attribute often given to pixies.

Question 7: ________ wrote a number of children's books with pixies as featured characters.
Five Have a Wonderful TimeFive Go Down to the SeaEnid BlytonThe Famous Five (series)

Question 8: A location in Devon associated with pixies was the inspiration for ________’s poem Song of the Pixies.
George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronPercy Bysshe ShelleyWilliam WordsworthSamuel Taylor Coleridge

Question 9: In Terry Pratchett's ________ novels The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky, a race of fairies named "Pictsies" feature, which are true Pictish pixies.
DiscworldDiscworld charactersDeath (Discworld)Discworld geography

Question 10: In ________, the pixies are dull, wear grey suits, speak in monotone voices, wear pointy caps and, unlike the fairies, treat magic like a business.
Oh Yeah! CartoonsNicktoons Unite!The Fairly OddParentsNicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island

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