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Question 1: The pixels, or color samples, that form a digitized image (such as a ________ file used on a web page) may or may not be in one-to-one correspondence with screen pixels, depending on how a computer displays an image.
Portable Network GraphicsAudio compression (data)MPEG-1JPEG

Question 2: For example, ________ typically divide each pixel horizontally into three subpixels.
Organic LEDLiquid crystal displayTFT LCDLCD television

Question 3: Texel (texture element) and luxel (________ element) are words used to describe a pixel when it is used in specific context (texturing and light mapping respectively)
LuxJouleLumen (unit)Hertz

Question 4: Computers can use pixels to display an image, often an abstract image that represents a ________.
X Window SystemWidget toolkitGraphical user interfaceDesktop environment

Question 5: The word raster originates from television scanning patterns, and has been widely used to describe similar ________ printing and storage techniques.
Subtractive colorColor photographyRaster graphicsHalftone

Question 6: A ________ is a volume element, the 3D analogue of a 2D pixel.
2D computer graphicsVolume renderingVoxelSprite (computer graphics)

Question 7: For example, there can be "printed pixels" in a page, or pixels carried by electronic signals, or represented by digital values, or pixels on a display device, or pixels in a ________ (photosensor elements).
Digital cameraDigital single-lens reflex cameraRGB color modelDigital photography

Question 8: The camera interpolates the color information of neighboring sensor elements, through a process called ________, to create the final image.
Digital cameraInterpolationDemosaicingRaw image format

Question 9: ________ is a technology which takes advantage of these differences to improve the rendering of text on LCD screens.
RGB color modelSubpixel renderingClearTypeAnti-aliasing

Question 10: The word "pixel" was first published in 1965 by Frederic C. Billingsley of JPL (in ________), to describe the picture elements of video images from space probes to the Moon and Mars.
Los AngelesLong Beach, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaPasadena, California

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