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Pituitary adenoma: Quiz


Question 1: Treatment where the tumor is large can be with ________ or surgery, and patients generally respond well.
X-rayNuclear fusionIonizing radiationRadiation therapy

Question 2: adrenal cortex (Adrenocortical adenoma, ________)
InsulinomaGlucagonomaAdrenocortical carcinomaMultiple endocrine neoplasia

Question 3: Prolactinomas are frequently diagnosed during pregnancy, when the ________ progesterone increases the tumor's growth rate.
HormoneThyroid hormoneEndocrine systemTestosterone

Question 4: Lateral expansion of a pituitary adenoma can also compress the ________, causing a lateral rectus palsy.
Trochlear nerveAbducens nerveGlossopharyngeal nerveOculomotor nerve

Question 5: This classification has fallen into disuse, in favor of a classification based on what type of ________ is secreted by the tumor (though tumors which do not secrete any active hormone ("non-functioning tumors") are still sometimes called "chromophobic").
ProgesteroneHormoneEndocrine systemTestosterone

Question 6: ________ surgery has become common recently.
Human gastrointestinal tractRectumSigmoidoscopyEndoscopy

Question 7:
At present, classification of pituitary tumors is based on plasma hormone levels or ________:
ImmunohistochemistryDiagnostic immunologyImmunofluorescenceSerology

Question 8: The diagnosis is confirmed by testing hormone levels, and by radiographic imaging of the pituitary (for example, by ________ or MRI).
Magnetic resonance imagingX-ray computed tomographyMedical radiographyCT pulmonary angiogram

Question 9: They often remain undiagnosed, and small pituitary tumors have an estimated prevalence of 16.7% (14.4% in ________ studies and 22.5% in radiologic studies).
Forensic pathologyDeathPathologyAutopsy

Question 10: Pituitary adenomas are tumors that occur in the ________, and account for about 10% of intracranial neoplasms.
Pituitary glandPosterior pituitaryHypothalamusPineal gland


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