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Question 1: The machmeter is used to show the ratio of true airspeed in relation to the ________.
Specific heat capacitySpeed of soundHeliumAcoustic impedance

Question 2: 2 October 1996—________ crashed because of blockage of the static ports.
1996 Charkhi Dadri mid-air collisionEthiopian Airlines Flight 961Aeroperú Flight 603Birgenair Flight 301

Question 3: The Mach number is displayed on a machmeter as a ________.
Arabic numeralsDecimalDuodecimalPositional notation

Question 4: ________
Pitot-static systemInertial navigation systemGlass cockpitAir Data Inertial Reference Unit

Question 5: ________ (FAA) recommend that the pitot tube be checked for obstructions prior to any flight.
Elwood Richard QuesadaMarion BlakeyFederal Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationFederal Aviation Administration

Question 6: A pitot-static system is a system of pressure-sensitive instruments that is most often used in aviation to determine an aircraft's airspeed, ________, altitude, and altitude trend.
Knudsen numberMach numberFluid dynamicsReynolds number

Question 7: [2] Other instruments that might be connected are air data computers, flight data recorders, altitude encoders, ________ controllers, and various airspeed switches.
Boeing 747Cabin pressurizationUncontrolled decompressionKorean Air Lines Flight 007

Question 8: [1] This equipment is used to measure the forces acting on a vehicle as a function of the temperature, density, pressure and ________ of the fluid in which it is operating.
ViscosityFluid dynamicsRheologySurface tension

Question 9: In most aircraft with unpressurized cabins, an alternative static source is available and can be toggled from within the ________ of the airplane.
CockpitAircraft flight control systemGlass cockpitAutopilot

Question 10: When airspeed increases, the ram air pressure is increased, which can be translated by the ________.
Pitot tubePitot-static systemFlight instrumentsAirspeed indicator


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