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Question 1: The valves used in many ________.
TromboneBrass instrumentAlto hornTrumpet

Question 2: Those using a slide, such as the ________ family.
Trombone20th-century classical musicHorn (instrument)Clarinet

Question 3: In the 19th century, most ________ used slide valves to control the flow of steam into and out of the cylinders.
4-6-44-6-24-8-4Steam locomotive

Question 4: The Swannington incline winding engine on the ________, manufactured by The Horsely Coal & Iron Company in 1833, shows a very early use of the piston valve.
CoalvilleCoalville Town railway stationLeicester and Swannington RailwayLeicestershire

Question 5: These include most trumpets, all ________, almost all euphoniums and many tubas, among others.
Horn (instrument)TromboneBrass instrumentCornet

Question 6: Where ________ are used, a different gear, such as Caprotti valve gear is needed.
Connecting rodFour-stroke engineOil pump (internal combustion engine)Poppet valve

Question 7: The valves used in the valve gear of many stationary steam engines and most ________.
4-6-44-6-24-8-4Steam locomotive

Question 8: They are used extensively in the film and ________ industry to simulate explosions in war films.
Special effectComputer-generated imageryIndustrial Light & MagicMiniature effect

Question 9: A piston valve is a device used to control the motion of a fluid along a tube or pipe by means of the ________ motion of a piston within a chamber or cylinder.
DerivativeVector spaceLinearNonlinear system

Question 10: In addition to its three valves, the trumpet uses a small slide for pitch correction, while the tenorbass and bass ________ both use one or two rotary valves in addition to the slide.
ClarinetTrombone20th-century classical musicHorn (instrument)


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