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Pirna: Quiz


Question 1: Three years later it withstood the siege by elector Johann Friedrich von Sachsen in the ________.
Schmalkaldic LeagueProtestant ReformationPhilipp MelanchthonSchmalkaldic War

Question 2: The Sächsische Weinstraße, which goes from Pirna over Pillnitz, ________, and Meißen to Diesbar-Seußlitz, was dedicated in 1992.

Question 3: In August 2002, the city suffered great damage in the widespread flooding in ________ at the time.
Western EuropeEuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 4: During the ________ Pirna became a garrison and the engineer battalions 12 and 5 of the Royal Saxon field artillery regiment No.
World War ICaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian Genocide

Question 5: In 1707, Pirna had debts that related to the ________ of more than 100,000 Thalern.
Livonian WarPolish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)Great Northern WarPolish–Soviet War

Question 6: Tools made of flint from the late ________ (about 12,000-8000 BC), at the end of the last ice age, are evidence for the earliest human settlement in the area.
Stone AgePaleolithicMiddle PaleolithicPaleolithic religion

Question 7: Pirna is a city in the ________, Germany, capital of the administrative district Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge.
BrandenburgOderHistory of SilesiaSaxony

Question 8: The main dialect spoken in Pirna is the Saxon dialect group called : Südostmeißnische, which is one of the five Meißenisch group of ________.
English languageGerman languageDialect continuumDialect

Question 9: Pirna is located near the Elbsandsteingebirge in the Elbe valley, where the nearby rivers Wesenitz, in the north, and Gottleuba to the south, flow into the ________.
HamburgCzech RepublicElbeGermany

Question 10: In 1293, the king of ________ bought the city and the castle from the Bishop of Meißen.
BohemiaCzech RepublicPragueMoravia


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