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Piriform cortex: Quiz


Question 1: The piriform cortex is among three areas that emerge in the telencephalon of amphibians, situated ________ to a dorsal area, which is caudal to a hippocampal area.
EarAnatomical terms of locationAnatomyDigestion

Question 2: In human anatomy, the "piriform lobe" has been described as consisting of the cortical ________, uncus, and anterior parahippocampal gyrus.
AmygdalaAnterior olfactory nucleusHippocampal formationOlfactory bulb

Question 3: The function of the piriform cortex relates to ________, which is the perception of smells.
Olfactory systemOlfactionOlfactory receptorSensory system

Question 4: In anatomy of ________, the piriform cortex, or pyriform cortex is a region in the brain.

Question 5: The piriform cortex is part of the rhinencephalon situated in the ________.
Cingulate gyrusGrey matterCerebrumDentate gyrus

Question 6: Recognized as neopallium or neocortex, enlarged dorsal areas envelop the paleopallial piriform cortex in humans and ________.
GeladaOld World monkeyCercopithecinaeBarbary Macaque

Question 7: The piriform cortex continues to occupy a consistent albeit small and declining proportion of the increasingly large ________ in the most recent primate species while the volume of the olfactory bulb becomes less in proportion.
Grey matterDentate gyrusCingulate gyrusCerebrum

Question 8: The piriform cortex occupies a greater proportion of the overall brain and of the telencephalic brains of insectivores than in ________.
HominidaeMammalOld World monkeyPrimate

Question 9: Sometimes called the olfactory cortex, olfactory lobe or paleopallium, piriform cortical regions are present in the brains of ________, reptiles and mammals.


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