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Question 1:
Who played Matt Boyd the movie Piranha?
Steven R. McQueen
Monte Markham
Richard Dreyfuss
Peter Brown

Question 2:
Who played Miguel the movie Piranha?
Christopher Lloyd
William Katt
Miguel Berzares
Bradford Dillman

Question 3:
What role did Jerry O'Connell play in the movie Piranha?
Paul Grogan
J.R. Randolph
Derrick Jones

Question 4:
What role did Steven R. McQueen play in the movie Piranha?
Jim Pendrake
Jake Forester

Question 5: A piranha or piraña (pronounced /pɨˈrɑːnə/, /-njə/ or /pɨˈrænə/, /-njə/; Portuguese: [piˈɾɐ̃ɲɐ]) is a member of a family of omnivorous[1] freshwater fish which live in ________ rivers.
Latin AmericaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAmericas

Question 6:
Who played Jimmy the movie Piranha?
William Smith
Drancy Jackson
Christopher Lloyd
Richard Dreyfuss

Question 7:
Who played Dr. Leticia Baines the movie Piranha?
Heather Menzies
Darleen Carr
Darleen Carr
Soleil Moon Frye

Question 8:
Who played Mr. Goodman the movie Piranha?
Christopher Lloyd
John Villegas
Christopher Lloyd
Ving Rhames

Question 9:
Who played Kelly the movie Piranha?
Elisabeth Shue
Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr
Barbara Steele

Question 10:
Who played Todd Dupree the movie Piranha?
Ernie Francis
Christopher Lloyd
Cody Longo
William Katt

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