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Question 1: The Pirate King is often believed to be inspiration for ________.
Hector BarbossaJack SparrowElizabeth SwannWill Turner

Question 2: I Sailed With Chinese Pirates by Aleko Lilius, ________, USA, October 17, 1991,ISBN 0195852974.
Oxford University PressUnited KingdomJohn Fell (clergyman)London

Question 3: The classic ________ operetta The Pirates of Penzance focuses on The Pirate King and his hopeless band of pirates on the South coast of England.
W. S. GilbertArthur SullivanGilbert and SullivanThe Mikado

Question 4: The earliest documented instances of piracy are the exploits of the Sea Peoples who threatened the Aegean and ________ in the 13th century BC.
Indian OceanMediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

Question 5: During the ________, the Confederacy sent out several commerce raiders, the most famous of which was the CSS Alabama.
United StatesBleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarTennessee

Question 6: [5] In ________, the Illyrians and Tyrrhenians were known as pirates, as well as Greeks and Romans.
ClassicsRoman EmpireGreco-Roman worldClassical antiquity

Question 7: Pirates were also depicted as always raising their ________ flag when preparing to hijack a vessel.
PiracyHenry EveryJolly RogerPirate Round

Question 8: Eventually this line became the border between Malaysia and ________ in the Straits.

Question 9: The power of the ________ was subsequently used to suppress the slave trade, and while some illegal trade, mostly with Brazil and Cuba, continued, the Atlantic slave trade would be eradicated by the middle of the 19th century.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)Royal NavyHMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ocean (L12)

Question 10: During World War I and World War II, ________ also made use of these tactics, both in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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