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Pippi Longstocking: Quiz


Question 1: If it isn't Pippi Non-talking!" In ________, Lisa went to a barber's shop called "Snippy Longstocking" to get gum that Bart had thrown in her hair cut out.
The Simpsons (season 7)22 Short Films About SpringfieldLisa the VegetarianLisa the Iconoclast

Question 2: In an episode of ________, Niles the Butler was forced to dye his hair red.
Everybody Hates ChrisFran FineThe Nanny (TV series)C. C. Babcock

Question 3: A Swedish Pippi Longstocking television series was created based on the ________ in 1969.

Question 4: In the ________ movie Click, when he first discovers the powers of his remote, he calls his dog "Pippi Longdroppings".
Adam SandlerAllen CovertHappy MadisonRob Schneider

Question 5: In an episode of ________, Sally wanted a child.
Ugly Betty3rd Rock from the SunDesperate HousewivesAlly McBeal

Question 6: The Simpsons episode ________, Lisa saw a hallucination of Pippi Longstocking recommending the book Pippi in the South Seas.
Summer of 4 Ft. 222 Short Films About SpringfieldLisa the IconoclastThe Simpsons (season 7)

Question 7: In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, ________ "shushes" his son, Scott (with puns on "zip it"), commenting "Look, I'm Zippi Longstockings!!"
Dr. EvilFrau FarbissinaGoldmemberNumber 2 (Austin Powers)

Question 8: In an SCTV sketch, ________ played "Pepi Longsocks", an unusually large redheaded boy who possessed super strength.
The Sports NetworkDan AykroydJohn CandyToronto Argonauts

Question 9: A ________ television film version was released in 1982 produced by Margaret Mikalan, starring Mikhail Boyarsky, Lev Durov and Tatiana Vasilieva.
MosfilmLenfilmGorky Film StudioSverdlovsk Film Studio

Question 10: An episode of ________ Season Five was titled "We Got Us a Pippi Virgin!" and Pippi Longstocking was featured prominently in this episode.
Sherilyn FennGilmore GirlsLorelai GilmoreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)


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