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Question 1: Large amounts of Pinot were planted in central Moldova during the 19th century, but much was lost to the ravages of ________; Soviet control of Moldova from 1940 to 1991 also reduced the productivity of vineyards.
PhylloxeraVitis viniferaVitisEupoecilia ambiguella

Question 2: [2] In the broadest terms, the wine tends to be of light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black ________, raspberry or currant.
Griotte de KleparowPrunus tomentosaPrunusCherry

Question 3: ________ is a bud sport of Pinot noir, presumably representing a somatic mutation in either the VvMYBA1 or VvMYBA2 genes that control grape colour.
Pinot grisMuscat (grape and wine)GewürztraminerChardonnay

Question 4: Pinot noir appears to be particularly prone to mutation (suggesting it has active transposable elements?), and has a long history in cultivation, so there are hundreds of different ________ such as Pinot Fin and Pinot Tordu.

Question 5: In the winery it is sensitive to fermentation methods, yeast strains and is highly reflective of its ________ with different regions producing very different wines.
Precision viticultureTerroirHarvest (wine)Vintage

Question 6: In ________ it is used to make red and rosé wines, much lighter in style that those of Burgundy, refreshing served chilled, especially in warmer years when they are less thin.
SancerreBourgesSaint-SaturBannay, Cher

Question 7: In the Middle Ages, the nobility of northeast France grew some form of Pinot on the slopes above the peasants' Gouais blanc, a Croatian grape that may have been brought to ________ by the Romans.
CeltsGaulLa Tène cultureGauls

Question 8: Ferdinand Regner has proposed[6] that Pinot noir is a cross between ________ (Schwarzriesling) and Traminer, but this work has not been replicated.
Champagne (wine)Pinot meunierChardonnayWine

Question 9: [18] In recent times, wineries in ________ have come to be known for their Pinot noir, in particular the Niagara Escarpment AVA and Warm Lake Estate.
New YorkMassachusettsNew JerseyConnecticut

Question 10: Quality Pinot noir has been grown in Ontario for some time in the Niagara Peninsula and especially the Short Hills Bench wine region, as well as on the north shore of ________.
Great LakesLake SuperiorLake OntarioLake Erie


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