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Question 1: Blue Spruce Picea pungens) have a very strong glaucous wax bloom to reflect ________.
Electromagnetic spectrumX-rayVisible spectrumUltraviolet

Question 2: When a ________ grain lands near a female gametophyte, it undergoes fertilization of the female gametophyte.
SeedPollenPlantFlowering plant

Question 3:
What divisio is Pinophyta a part of?

Question 4: Fossilized resin hardens into ________.

Question 5: In forestry, the terminology of ________ has commonly though inaccurately been applied to cone-bearing trees as well.
GymnospermFlowering plantEmbryophyteFern

Question 6: Since most conifers are evergreens,[1] the leaves of many conifers are long, thin and have a needle-like appearance, but others, including most of the ________ and some of the Podocarpaceae, have flat, triangular scale-like leaves.
JuniperCupressaceaePinophytaConifer cone

Question 7: Many conifers have distinctly scented resin, secreted to protect the tree against ________ infestation and fungal infection of wounds.

Question 8: [2][3] Although the total number of species is relatively small, conifers are of immense ________ importance.

Question 9: The ________ are in lines or patches on the leaves, and can be closed when it is very dry or cold.
PhotosynthesisCell wallStomaAlgae

Question 10: Cordaitales †
  Pinaceae - Pine family
  Araucariaceae - Araucaria family
  Podocarpaceae - Yellow-wood family
  Sciadopityaceae - Umbrella-pine family
  ________ - Cypress family
  Cephalotaxaceae - Plum-yew family
  Taxaceae - Yew family
Vojnovskyales †
Voltziales †
PinophytaCupressaceaeJuniperConifer cone


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