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Question 1: The ________ is put under artesian pressure and forces the ground up as it makes an expanding ice core.

Question 2: A pingo, also called a hydrolaccolith, is a mound of earth-covered ice found in the ________ and subarctic that can reach up to 70 metres (230 ft) in height and up to 600 m (2,000 ft) in diameter.
DesertArcticAntarcticaNorth American Arctic

Question 3: ________, a low oval elevation in areas with permafrost, frequently peat bogs, where a perennial ice lens has developed within the soil.
TundraFrost heavingPingoPalsa

Question 4: In 1983 John Pickard reported sighting pingos (68°40′S 78°00′E / 68.667°S 78°E / -68.667; 78 (Vestford Hills)) at the Vestfold Hills, ________.
Kalahari DesertAtacama DesertDesertAntarctica

Question 5: [4] Other places with pingos include Nunavut[5] and Yukon in Canada, ________ in the United States, Greenland, Siberia, and the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.
AlaskaWashingtonHawaiiNorthwestern United States

Question 6: Tuktoyaktuk in the Mackenzie Delta of the ________ has one of the highest concentrations of pingos, with some 1,350 examples.
NunavutYukonCanadaNorthwest Territories


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