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Pincer movement: Quiz


Question 1: A version of this maneuver was a standard tactic used by ________.
ShakaMfecaneZulu KingdomSouth Africa

Question 2: Map of ________'s double envelopment at the battle of Stalingrad
Konstantin RokossovskyRodion MalinovskyJoseph StalinGeorgy Zhukov

Question 3: Most infantry combat, on every scale, is based in some fashion on this military tactic and it is commonly used by ________ as well.
Business jetAircraftDouble-deck aircraftWide-body aircraft

Question 4: Hannibal executed this maneuver at the ________ in 216 BCE.
Second Punic WarBattle of Lake TrasimeneBattle of CannaeRoman Republic

Question 5: ________ (operational envelopment)
Battle of Khalkhin GolSoviet invasion of Manchuria (1945)Eastern Front (World War II)World War II

Question 6: The pincer movement or double envelopment is a basic element of ________ which has been used, to some extent, in many wars, and is considered to be the consummate military maneuver.
Industrial warfareMilitary strategyMilitary historyAerial warfare

Question 7: An earlier form of pincer movement was also described by the Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu in the 6th century BCE, and possibly used at the ________ in the 5th century BCE.
Battle of MarathonGreco-Persian WarsFirst Persian invasion of GreeceSecond Persian invasion of Greece


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