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Question 1: The count is broken (a ________) if the opponent manages to raise one or both of his shoulders off of the mat, commonly by kicking out (throwing their legs up to cause their shoulders to rise from the mat).
Stone Cold Steve AustinList of professional wrestling termsHulk HoganRic Flair

Question 2: The Professional Wrestlers' Workout & Instructional Guide - ________, Ricky Steamboat, Les Thatcher, and Alex Marvez pg.
Terry FunkHarley RaceDusty Rhodes (wrestler)Ric Flair

Question 3: This positions the attacking wrestler horizontally across the back of the opponent and forces the opponent's arms out like a ________.
Capital punishmentCrucifixionDecapitationTorture

Question 4: A pinfall, a pin, or a fall (the first term most commonly used in professional wrestling) is a victory condition in various forms of ________ that is met by holding an opponent's shoulders on the wrestling mat for a prescribed period of time.
World Wrestling EntertainmentProfessional wrestlingGlobal Professional Wrestling AllianceNational Wrestling Alliance

Question 5: Sometimes, when both wrestlers are (________) exhausted or badly hurt the attacking wrestler will cover with just an arm or lie down face up rather than face down.
KayfabeShawn MichaelsAdam CopelandThe Undertaker


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