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Question 1: The new rule also created the ________ (LSA) category of aircraft which are smaller, lower-powered aircraft.
Ultralight aviationAutogyroDenney KitfoxLight-sport aircraft

Question 2: The Boeing 747, ________, and the Hawker Hunter are examples of aircraft that require type ratings.
Beechcraft Super King AirT-6 TexanC-47 SkytrainBeechcraft Model 18

Question 3: Pilot certification in the United States is required for an individual to act as a pilot of an ________.
Wide-body aircraftAircraftDouble-deck aircraftBusiness jet

Question 4: Sport Pilot: an individual who is authorized to fly only ________
Light-sport aircraftDenney KitfoxAutogyroUltralight aviation

Question 5: A pilot is certificated under the authority of Parts 61 and 141 of Title 14 of the ________, also known as the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).
Code of Federal RegulationsRulemakingAdministrative lawAdministrative law judge

Question 6: The Rotorcraft category is divided into helicopter and ________ classes
Powered hang gliderAirshipGyrodyneAutogyro

Question 7: Some pilots are trained in the ________, and are issued with civilian certificates based on their military record.
Military historyMilitary scienceWarMilitary

Question 8: Sport Pilots are only eligible to fly aircraft that are either certified specifically as light-sport aircraft (LSA) or were certified prior to the LSA regulations and are within the maximum weight and performance limitations of ________.
AutogyroUltralight aviationLight-sport aircraftDenney Kitfox

Question 9: Ground Instructor, Parachute rigger, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Repairman and ________ are also federally certified aviation-related positions.
Air traffic controllerAir safetySeparation (air traffic control)International Civil Aviation Organization

Question 10: Mental Status: No diagnosis of psychosis, bipolar disorder, or severe ________
Passive–aggressive behaviorShamePsychological manipulationPersonality disorder


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