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Pilocarpine: Quiz


Question 1:
How is Pilocarpine excreted?
Fecal and renal
faecal 47%
Renal: 93%

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Pilocarpine (IUPAC)
- 3-ethyl- 4-dihydrofuran- 2-one

Question 3: Pilocarpine is often used as an antidote for scopolamine, ________, and hyoscyamine poisoning.
DextromethorphanAtropineMuscarinic antagonistDicycloverine

Question 4: Pilocarpine stimulates the secretion of large amounts of ________ and sweat.
AntioxidantPotassiumWound lickingSaliva

Question 5: Smaller doses may be used to induce salivation in order to collect samples of ________, for instance, to obtain information about IgA antibodies.
Wound lickingSalivaPotassiumAntioxidant

Question 6: It is used to diagnose ________ (CF).
Coeliac diseasePneumoniaCystic fibrosisMalignant hyperthermia

Question 7: Pilocarpine also acts on the ________ and causes it to contract.
Ciliary muscleIris sphincter muscleIris dilator muscleSclera

Question 8: Pilocarpine is also used to treat dry mouth (xerostomia) that can occur for example as a side effect of ________ for head and neck cancers.
Ionizing radiationRadiation therapyNuclear fusionX-ray

Question 9: Pilocarpine is used to induce chronic ________ in rodents, commonly rats, as a means to study the disorder's physiology and to examine different treatments.
Lafora diseasePartial seizureGeneralised epilepsyEpilepsy

Question 10: Pilocarpine has been used in the treatment of chronic open-angle ________ and acute angle-closure glaucoma for over 100 years.


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