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Question 1: They occur wherever mafic to intermediate lavas are extruded under water, such as along marine hotspot volcano chains and the constructive plate boundaries of ________.
Passive marginSubductionMid-ocean ridgeSeafloor spreading

Question 2: They are created when ________ reaches the surface but, as there is a large difference in temperature between the lava and the water, the surface of the emergent tongue cools very quickly, forming a skin.
BasaltIgneous rockGraniteMagma

Question 3: The presence of pillow lavas in the oldest preserved volcanic sequences on earth, the Isua and Barberton greenstone belts, confirms the presence of large bodies of water on the Earth's surface early in the ________.
ArcheanHadeanGeologic time scalePrecambrian

Question 4: Pillow lavas and the related sheeted dyke complexes form part of a classic ________ sequence when a segment of oceanic crust is obducted onto continental crust.
BasaltOphioliteUnited KingdomCyprus

Question 5: [1][2][3][4] In general the more intermediate the composition, the larger the pillows, due to the increase in ________ of the erupting lava.
Surface tensionRheologyViscosityFluid dynamics

Question 6: Pillow lavas are commonly of ________ composition, although pillows formed of komatiite, picrite, boninite, basaltic andesite, andesite or even dacite are known.
BasaltIgneous rockFlood basaltGranite

Question 7: As new oceanic crust is formed, thick sequences of pillow lavas are erupted at the ________ fed by dykes from the underlying magma chamber.
Mid-ocean ridgeSeafloor spreadingDivergent boundaryPassive margin

Question 8: Pillow lavas are used generally to confirm subaqueous volcanism in ________ belts.
AmphiboliteMetamorphismMetamorphic rockGranulite

Question 9: Pillow lavas are ________ that contain characteristic pillow-shaped structures that are attributed to the extrusion of the lava under water, or subaqueous extrusion.
Igneous rockVolcanoBasaltLava

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