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Question 1: The pilos cap was sometimes worn under the helmet by ________, but usually they preferred to not use a helmet along with the cap before the 5th century for reasons of mobility.
Phalanx formationHopliteAncient Greek warfareGreco-Persian Wars

Question 2: The pilos (Greek πῖλος, felt) was a common conical travelling hat in ________.
Roman GreeceClassical antiquityAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 3: In warfare, the pilos was often worn by the ________ light infantry, in conjunction with the exomis.
XenophonPeltastPhalanx formationAlexander the Great

Question 4: It probably originated from ________ and was made from bronze.
LaconiaArcadiaMesseniaLarissa Prefecture

Question 5: The pileus was especially associated with the manumission of ________ who wore it upon their liberation.
AntisemitismRacismSlaveryUniversal suffrage

Question 6: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
CopyrightIntellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright infringement

Question 7: There is a corded silk button at the centre of the apex; light blue for ________, gamboge for higher doctorates.
Bachelor's degreeAcademic degreeDoctor of PhilosophyPostgraduate education

Question 8: [1] The pilos appears on votive figurines of boys at the sanctuary of the ________ at Thebes, the Kabeirion.
Greek mythologyApolloZeusCabeiri

Question 9: The pileus (Latin, plural, pilei) — also pilleus or pilleum — was, in ________ (where it was the pilos or pilidion) and in Rome, a brimless, felt cap, somewhat similar to a fez.
Ancient GreeceClassical antiquityAlexander the GreatRoman Greece

Question 10: It became emblematic of liberty and freedom from bondage, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries when it appeared frequently on statuary and heraldic devices and was known as a "liberty cap" or ________.
HaitiCubaPhrygian capUnited States

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