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Question 1: with calc-alkaline ________, andesites and dacites that formed in most greenstone belts, and TTG suite granitoids in most batholiths.
Igneous rockFlood basaltBasaltLava

Question 2: ________ geochronology indicates that the bulk of the intermediate to silicic igneous rocks in the Pilbara formed during seven periods of paired volcanic and plutonic activity.

Question 3: 3.4 Ga represents remelting of older crust, including the TTG older than 3.4 Ga, to produce moderate- to high-potassium ________.
MonzograniteEuropiumIgneous rockRubidium

Question 4: U/Pb ________ dating of felsic formations indicates that emplacement of the lower Warrawoona group volcanics occurred before ca.

Question 5: The Pilbara craton (the Pilbara province in northwest Western Australia), along with the Kaapvaal craton (the Kaapvaal province of South Africa) are the only remaining areas of pristine ________ 3.6-2.7 Ga crust on Earth.
PrecambrianGeologic time scaleHadeanArchean

Question 6: It is also proposed that the ________ of initial e(Nd) and e(Hf) from its typical covariant behaviour was related to the formation of continental crust, perhaps by widespread formation of TTG magmas."[4]
Big BangCosmic neutrino backgroundDecouplingUniverse

Question 7: This event involved the re-melting of the older TTG to produce the ________ of the CDGC, whereas re-melting of the mafic intraplate produced the tonalitic to granodioritic rocks of the complex.
RubidiumMonzograniteIgneous rockEuropium

Question 8: Some of the ________ mudstones have differentiated granitoids that were exposed in the Early Archean.
QuartzOpalAmethystSilicon dioxide

Question 9: The Pilbara Craton comprises a mid-________ granite-greenstone terrane and an overlying late-Archaean volcano-sedimentary sequence called the Hamersley Basin.
HadeanPrecambrianGeologic time scaleArchean

Question 10: Early Archaean rocks have Nd-Hf ________ compositions which indicate that the young mantle had differentiated into distinct isotopic domains before 4.0 Ga.
IsotopeTechnetiumStable nuclideAtom


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