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Question 1: Onions are round, bulbous, ________-like spaceships in which the Pikmin live and travel.
LeekGarlicCommon figOnion

Question 2: The atmosphere contains ________, which is said to be poisonous to Olimar's species.

Question 3: The landscapes are said to be inspired by gardens belonging to the developer of the games, ________.
Shigeru MiyamotoSuper Mario GalaxyMario (series)Donkey Kong (video game)

Question 4: The series features two video games; ________ and Pikmin 2.
PikminPikmin (series)NintendoWii

Question 5: Also introduced is a kind of ________ Pikmin/Bulborb hybrid called Bulbmin, Bulborbs that have been infected by parasitic Pikmin, that follow Olimar after their leader is killed.
CatParasitismDirofilaria immitisToxoplasmosis

Question 6: He also discovers that the planet contains unsafe levels of ________, which is toxic to him.

Question 7: Olimar uses this group of Pikmin to recover the ________ of his ship.
Jet engineEngineDiesel engineStirling engine

Question 8: The Dolphin is struck by a large ________ and plummets toward an unknown planet.
MeteoroidNear-Earth objectMeteoriteImpact event

Question 9: Shigeru Miyamoto first hinted about the possibilities of a new Pikmin game in an ________ interview.

Question 10: The only way to "keep" them is if they are transformed into other Pikmin ________ with Candypop Buds.
SpeciesEvolutionLifeBiological classification

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