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Question 1: The remaining halves are washed to remove any remaining blood, ________ or remains of bone, and then cooled down in order to help with the process of cutting and deboning.
BacteriaGram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteria

Question 2: The bulk of the meat is cut and ground to produce various sausages, including kobasica, ________ and kulen, which are traditionally wrapped into the intestines of various sizes.
PortugalSpainBlack puddingBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 3: The pig is then removed from the trough and any remaining hair is removed with a knife or a ________, and then it is again washed with boiling water.
BillhookRazorAxeCircular saw

Question 4: After the ________ is gone, the carcass is drenched in hot water in a device called a pig scalder which helps in the removal of hair, which is subsequently completed by using scissor-like devices and then if necessary with a torch.
Blood plasmaRed blood cellBloodPlatelet

Question 5: The various "leftovers" are put into švargl, hladetina (________ as in jelly), etc.
Head cheeseHungaryNorwayGermany

Question 6: In modern times, because of the danger of ________, people are required to have critical parts of the fresh meat tested by a veterinarian.
ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAscariasisGnathostomiasisTrichinosis

Question 7: The buttocks are salted and pressed in order to eventually produce ________ (šunka)
Jamón ibéricoPortugalRomaniaHam

Question 8: In the past, this was the only time of the year when people could afford to eat larger amounts of ________.
FoodMedieval cuisineMeatHorse meat

Question 9: The slaughter is performed by a professional butcher and accompanied by various local ________.

Question 10: Pig slaughter is a necessary activity to obtain pig meat - ________.
Taboo food and drinkPorkBaconApple


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