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Question 1: [2] In ________, the process was not discovered until the late medieval period.
Eastern EuropeEuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 2: Traditionally pig iron would be worked into wrought iron in finery forges, and later ________, more recently into steel.
Puddling (metallurgy)Blast furnaceBessemer processCast iron

Question 3: Pig iron is the intermediate product of smelting ________ with coke, usually with limestone as a flux.
AluminiumIron oreSteelOxygen

Question 4: The Chinese were making pig iron by the later ________ (1122–256 BC).
Warring States PeriodSpring and Autumn PeriodQin (state)Zhou Dynasty

Question 5: Pig iron has a very high ________ content, typically 3.5–4.5%,[1] which makes it very brittle and not useful directly as a material except for limited applications.

Question 6: Earlier processes for this included the finery forge, the puddling furnace, the ________, and open hearth furnace.
Henry BessemerBessemer processSteelIron

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