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Pietà (Michelangelo): Quiz


Question 1: This copy is on view at St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie in ________.
Mount Vernon, New YorkYonkers, New YorkWestchester County, New YorkWhite Plains, New York

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Piet (Michelangelo) have?
Rondanini Pietu00E0
Pietu00E0, after Delacroix
Palestrina Pietu00E0

Question 3:
What type is thing is Piet (Michelangelo)?
Stone sculpture
Rifle / Dangerous Game

Question 4: This famous work of art depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the ________.
CrucifixionCapital punishmentTortureDecapitation

Question 5: The sculpture was shipped to ________ in 1964 in order to become the main draw for the Vatican pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair, where it was viewed by millions.
MassachusettsNew YorkConnecticutNew Jersey

Question 6: Peter's, just to the right of the entrance, between the Holy door and the altar of ________, and is now protected by a bullet-proof acrylic glass panel.
Saint SebastianCatholic ChurchChristianitySaint George

Question 7: Another explanation suggests that Michelangelo's treatment of the subject was influenced by his passion for Dante's Divina Commedia: so well-acquainted was he with the work that when he went to ________ he paid for hospitality by reciting verses from it.

Question 8: La Pietà (1499) is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture by the renowned artist ________ Buonarroti, housed in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.
Sistine Chapel ceilingMichelangeloDavid (Michelangelo)Sistine Chapel

Question 9: In Paradiso (________ 33 of the poem) Saint Bernard, in a prayer for the Virgin Mary, says "Vergine madre, figlia del tuo figlio" (Virgin mother, daughter of your son).

Question 10: It is an important work as it balances the ________ ideals of classical beauty with naturalism.
BaroqueItalian RenaissanceWestern art historyRenaissance


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