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Piers Plowman: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (1662) bases his remarks about Langland on Selden and Bale, emphasizing Langland's proto-Protestant status.
Queens' College, CambridgeOliver CromwellRalph Hopton, 1st Baron HoptonThomas Fuller

Question 2: Four years later Vida Dutton Scudder compared the poem with socialist ideas from the works of Thomas Carlyle, John Ruskin, and the ________.
Clement AttleeFabian SocietyHarold WilsonRamsay MacDonald

Question 3: In the sixteenth century, when Piers was first printed, authorship was attributed by various antiquarians (such as John Bale) and poets to John Wycliffe and ________, amongst others.
Geoffrey ChaucerThe Canterbury TalesThe Knight's TaleThe Legend of Good Women

Question 4: Crowley may have made small attempts to remove or soften single references to transubstantiation, the Mass, purgatory, and the ________ as a mediator and object of devotion.
Mary (mother of Jesus)Saint JosephJesusBiblical Magi

Question 5: Skeat, Piers Plowman could be, respectively, a consciousness-raising text in the Working Man's College or a patriotic text for ________ pupils.
Grammar schoolIndependent school (UK)Public school (privately funded)Private school

Question 6: Piers Plowman is considered to be one of the most analytically challenging texts in ________ textual criticism.
Old NorseOld EnglishMiddle EnglishGreat Vowel Shift

Question 7: D'Israeli also mentions ________'s (1788-1824) praise for Piers Plowman.
Percy Bysshe ShelleyGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronMary ShelleyWilliam Blake

Question 8: Some scholars see it as a conservative revision of B that aims at disassociating the poem from ________ and the religious and political radicalism of John Ball during the Great Rising of 1381.
John WycliffeCatholic ChurchEnglish ReformationLollardy

Question 9: Piers is considered by many critics to be one of the early great works of English literature along with Chaucer's ________ and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight during the Middle Ages.
The Miller's TaleGeneral PrologueThe Canterbury TalesThe Knight's Tale

Question 10: Several other writers regard the poem's matter approvingly, seeing it as anti-Catholic ________ and polemic.
Play (theatre)PoetrySatireNovel


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