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Pierre de Fermat: Quiz


Question 1:
Pierre de Fermat, ngrid Betancourt and Napoleon I are all:
17th-century mathematicians French Roman Catholics Basque mathematicians Occitan people

Question 2:
What is Pierre de Fermat known for?
Mechanics and analytical geometry
Geometry of atomic nuclei
Cybernetics, Law of Requisite Variety, Principle of Self-Organization
Analytic geometry Fermat's principle Probability Fermat's Last Theorem

Question 3:
How is Pierre de Fermat described?
French mathematician and lawyer
Mathematician and classical pianist
American mathematician
mathematician, philosopher and astronomer

Question 4:
Where was Pierre de Fermat born?

Question 5:
When did Pierre de Fermat die?

Question 6: In particular, he is recognized for his discovery of an original method of finding the greatest and the smallest ordinates of curved lines, which is analogous to that of the then unknown ________, as well as his research into the theory of numbers.
DerivativeIntegralDifferential calculusContinuous function

Question 7: In number theory, Fermat studied Pell's equation, perfect numbers, amicable numbers and what would later become ________.
Primality testMersenne primeFermat numberPrime number

Question 8:
Where did Pierre de Fermat die?

Question 9:
Pierre de Fermat, Nicolas Sarkozy and John Calvin are all:
17th-century mathematicians 17th-century French people French mathematicians French lawyers

Question 10: Regarding Fermat's work in analysis, ________ wrote that his own early ideas about calculus came directly from "Fermat's way of drawing tangents."[10]
PlatoIsaac NewtonRené DescartesImmanuel Kant


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