Pierre Boulez: Quiz

Question 1: Subsequently, he was the conductor for the 1976 centenary production of Richard Wagner's ________, directed by Patrice Chéreau, recordings of which were commercially released in audio and video formats.
Tristan und IsoldeGötterdämmerungDer Ring des NibelungenParsifal

Question 2:
Where was Pierre Boulez born?
California, U.S.A
Rio de Janeiro City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Blackshear, Georgia, United States
Montbrison, France

Question 3:
When was Pierre Boulez born?

Question 4:
How is Pierre Boulez described?
Romanian violinist
Chilean footballer
United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
Composer, conductor, writer

Question 5: Oxford: Clarendon Press; New York: ________.
LondonJohn Fell (clergyman)Oxford University PressUnited Kingdom

Question 6: (French) A biography of Pierre Boulez, from ________'s website.
SerialismKarlheinz StockhausenElectroacoustic musicIRCAM

Question 7: Structures, Livres I et II (2 ________, 1952 and 1961, respectively)
TimpaniPercussion instrumentVibraphonePiano

Question 8: With the assistance of Andrew Gerzso Boulez fashioned a work in which the computer captured the ________ and spatialization of sounds created by the ensemble and processed them in real time.
ResonatorMechanical resonanceResonanceQ factor

Question 9: [3] Boulez was in contact with many young composers who would become influential, including ________ and Karlheinz Stockhausen.
John CageSonatas and InterludesDemetrio StratosWorks for prepared piano by John Cage

Question 10: These writings have mostly been republished under the titles Stocktakings from an Apprenticeship, Orientations: Collected Writings, and Boulez on Music Today, as well as in the journal of the Darmstadt composers of the time, ________.
SerialismArnold SchoenbergDie ReiheKarlheinz Stockhausen

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Pierre_Boulez)