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Pieridae: Quiz


Question 1: Host plants are in the families Capparidaceae, ________, Santalaceae, and Loranthaceae.
ArabidopsisFlowering plantArabidopsis thalianaBrassicaceae

Question 2: Like the ________, Pieridae also have their pupae held at an angle by a silk girdle, but running at the first abdominal segment unlike the thoracic girdle seen in the Papilionidae.
NymphalidaeRiodinidaeSwallowtail butterflyLepidoptera

Question 3: Pteron In Japanese but ________ 3 pages of images.
Binomial nomenclatureTaxonomic rankFungusSpecies

Question 4: The larvae (caterpillars) of a few of these species, such as Pieris brassicae and Pieris rapae, commonly seen in gardens, feed on brassicas, and are notorious ________ pests.
Intensive farmingSustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farming

Question 5: The fore legs are well developed in both sexes, unlike in the ________, and the tarsal claws are bifid unlike in the Papilionidae.
PapilionoideaDifferences between butterflies and mothsLepidopteraNymphalidae

Question 6: The Pieridae are a large family of ________ with about 76 genera containing approximately 1,100 species, mostly from tropical Africa and Asia.


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