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Question 1: Piece work or piecework describes types of ________ in which a worker is paid a fixed "piece rate" for each unit produced or action performed.
FlextimeWage slaveryEmploymentUnemployment

Question 2: In the English system of manufacturing, workers mass-produced parts from a fixed design as part of a ________, but did not have the advantage of machine tools or metalworking jigs.
Division of labourKarl MarxSurplus valueCapitalism

Question 3: ________ systems such as Mechanical Turk involve minute information-processing tasks (such as identifying photos or recognizing signatures) for which workers are compensated on a per-task basis.
Jimmy WalesCrowdsourcingCollective intelligenceWikinomics

Question 4: An advantage for the company is that this method of payment helps to guarantee the costs per unit produced, which is useful for ________ and forecasting purposes.
Decision makingFunction modelConfiguration managementPlanning

Question 5: In this regard, it is a good example of free market ________.
MoneyHeterodox economicsEconomicsKeynesian economics

Question 6: As a term and as a common form of labor, 'piece work' had its origins in the guild system of work during the ________ and before the Industrial Revolution.
Spanish EmpireCommercial RevolutionEarly modern periodPortuguese Empire


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